Sausage gigs in 2002

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Jan 6th Barmitzvah Finchley
Feb 1st QCA  
Feb 2nd Party Holloway
Mar 1st Party Putney
Mar 2nd Wedding Leicester
Mar 12th Coin st London
Mar 19th Banquet Harrogate
Mar 20th Party Richmond
Mar 21st Corporate event Old Bailey
Mar 22nd Party Richmond
Mar 30th Party Bath
Apr 20th Wedding Bath
Apr 21st The Bell, Bath
May 2nd Coin st London
May 8th Corporate event Old Bailey
May 11th Party Blackheath, Day
May 11th Charity Ball Isle of Wight
May 17th Corporate event The Belfry
May 18th Wedding Oxford
May 23rd Hatcham social club New Cross
May 24th Bath Fringe Festival
May 25th Wedding Bath
May 26th Streetshows Cardiff
May 30th Party Holland Pk
May 31st Streetshows Swindon
June 1st EDT festival East Dulwich
June 3rd Streetparty Surbiton Day
June 3rd Street Party Harpenden, eve
June 6th National Theatre Foyer
June 7th,8th,9th Hope Festival Sussex
June 13th Corporate event Vauxhall
June 15th Castle Ashby Fun Day
June 15th Wedding Bucks
June 16th Party Camberwell
June 16th Barmitzvah Selfridges
June !9th Sydney Sussex Ball Camb
June 22nd Wedding Hungerford
June 28,29,30 Glastonbury Festival
July 2nd Banquet Norland sq
July 4th Corporate event Chelsea gdns
July 5th Ultimate Riverboatboat Party
July 7th Gillette funday
July 12th Party Farnham
July 13th Corporate FunDay Ware
July 13th street party Highbury
July 20th Streetshows Stroud
July 20th Wedding Bristol
July 25th Corporate event Chelsea gdns
July 26th Telstar Party Paris
July 27th Celia’s wedding Lake district
July 29th Commonwealth Games Manc
July 30th Commonwealth Games Manc
Aug 3rd Chichester theatre
Aug 17th Wedding Portsmouth
Aug 19th Ferrara Buskers Festival ITALY
Aug 20th Ferrara Buskers Festival ITALY
Aug 21st Ferrara Buskers Festival ITALY
Aug 22nd Ferrara Buskers Festival ITALY
Aug 23rd Castellarte Festival Avelino, IT
Aug 24th Castellarte Festival Avelino, IT
Aug 25th Castellarte Festival Avelino, IT
Aug 27th Streetshows Sirmione ITALY
Aug 28th Castellaro Legusello ITALY
Aug 29th Streetshows Sirmione ITALY
Aug 30th Castellaro Legusello ITALY
Aug 31st Castellaro Legusello ITALY
Sept 1st Castellaro Legusello ITALY
Sept 5th Corporate event Reading
Sept 5th Bath Pump rooms Charity Ball
Sept 7th Party Somerset
Sept 10th Fashionhouse show Paris
Sept 13th Corporate event Westminster
Sept 14th Party Fulham
Sept 19th Corporate event Manchester
Sept 22nd Streetshows Hownslow
Sept 26th Streetshows Lord Mayor appl
Sept 26th Party Bush House
Sept 29th Corporate fun day Reading
Oct 4th Capital radio Dublin
Oct 5th Wantage wedding Wantage
Oct 16th Corporate Party St James Sq
Oct 17th Party London Bridge
Oct 26th Wedding Dulwich
Oct 31st Cafe Royale
Nov 2nd Wedding Bucks
Nov 3rd Barmitvah Bank
Nov 10th Party Magdela East Dulwich
Nov 21st Eltham lights up Streetshows  
Nov 24th Party Greenwich
Nov 26th Corporate event Lombard st
Nov 30th Streetshows Woolwich hg st
Nov 30th Party Telstar london
Dec 3rd Corporate Party Westminster
Dec 5th Party Catford
Dec 6th Corporate Party Dover st
Dec 7th Streetshows Woolwich hg st
Dec 10th Party (Telstar)
Dec 12th Party Westminster
Dec 17th Corporate Party London