Sausage gigs in 2006

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Jan 6th Middx  
Jan 12th Bridgewater  
Jan 13th Illminster  
Jan 14th Bruton  
Jan 18th Bridgewater  
Jan 19th Highwater  
Jan 20th Winford  
Jan 21st Frome  
Jan 22nd The Bell Bath
Jan 27th Southwark  
Jan 28th Islip  
Feb 3rd Westbury sub Mendip  
Feb 4th East Harptree  
Mar 23rd RTS Shropshire  
Mar 24th RTS Shropshire  
Mar 25th RTS Herefordshire  
Apr 1st Enfield  
April 6th Somerton  
April 7th Taunton  
April 8th Taunton  
Apr 22nd Kingston  
May 1st Cardiff  
May 5th Ivy  
May 6th Saracens  
May 6th Wandsworth Party
May 14th Susie Robertson  
May 20th Portsmouth  
May 28th Tetbury  
May 29th Bath Fringe  
June 1st Hope Festival  
June 2nd Hope Festival  
June 3rd Hope Festival  
June 7th Wickham Arms  
June 8th Sussex school  
June 18th Christine Jones  
June 20th Christ Church Cambs Ball  
June 24th Bucks Wedding  
June 25th Business Persuits Herts
June 27th Charters  
June 28th Chamonix FRANCE
June 29th Chamonix FRANCE
June 30th Chamonix FRANCE
June 31st Chamonix FRANCE
July 1st Chamonix FRANCE
July 2nd Chamonix FRANCE
July 6th Business persuits Surrey
July 8th Ramsgate  
July 8th Harpenden  
July 12th Richmond  
July 13th J&W Party  
July 15th Woolwich Barracks  
July 20th Paternoster Sq  
July 22nd Tunbridge Wells  
July 22nd MOD Wiltshire  
July 23rd Surrey Party  
July 26th Bergamo ITALY
July 27th Sarnico ITALY
July 28th Sarnico ITALY
July 29th Sarnico ITALY
July 30th Sarnico ITALY
Aug 3rd Big Green Gathering  
Aug 4th Big Green Gathering  
Aug 5th Big Green Gathering  
Aug 6th Big Green Gathering  
Aug 12th Hay on Wye Wedding  
Aug 19th Tiverton Devon
Aug 26th Ian Woods Wedding
Aug 26th Yeovil  
Aug 27th Southend wedding  
Sept 1st Putney  
Sept 2nd Maidenhead  
Sept 4th Wells  
Sept 8th Richmond  
Sept 9th Lewisham  
Sept 9th Marcus’s Wedding  
Sept 10th Bus persuits Guildord
Sept 16th Canary Wharf  
Sep 17th St James School  
Sept 18th Ben and Diletta’s Rome ITALY
Sept 23rd Ludgate Circus  
Oct 10th Sheraton  
Oct 17th Spamalot  
Oct 21st Wedding Somerset
Oct 21st Bucks Party  
Oct 27th The Vic Lincoln
Oct 28th Lincoln Sausage festival  
Oct 28th Parsins Green  
Nov 25th Esher Party  
Dec 2nd Reading  
Dec 8th Westminster boating base  
Dec 15th Steimer and Elemis  
Dec 21st Cardiff  
Dec 22nd Weddings Worcs