Sausage gigs in 2008

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Jan 11th Cranborne  
Jan 12th Winterborne Stickland  
Jan 13th Shillingstone  
Jan 18th Martinstown  
Jan 19th Puddletown  
Jan 20th Sandford Orcas  
Jan 25th Giles Hotel Hownslow
Jan 26th Sibford Gower  
Jan 30th Newton&Noss Mayo  
Jan 31st Bow Village Hall  
Feb 1st Halberton (Nr Tiverton)  
Feb 2nd Gittisham (nr Honiton)  
Feb 7th Alderton  
Feb 8th Shipton on Cherwell  
Feb 9th Daglingworth  
Mar 6th Abigails Party  
Mar 7th Spitalfields Market  
Mar 8th Spitalfields market  
Mar 9th Searles’s party at the Hob  
Mar 14th Fringford  
Mar 15th Yelvertoft  
Mar 19th Quedgeley  
Mar 20th ColwallVillage Hall  
Mar 28th Barkston & Stston  
Mar 29th Chilwell  
Mar 30th Wynondham  
Apr 2nd Lea  
Apr 3rd Beckingham & Saunby  
Apr 4th Barrow on soar  
Apr 5th Stourport on Severn  
Apr 6th Rubery community centre  
Apr 9th High Wycombe  
Apr 12th Surrey party  
Apr 13th Herts party.  
Apr 26th Evesham wedding  
Apr 29th Norwich  
May 3rd Bellingham  
May 11th Brighton  
May 17th Maidenhead  
May 22nd Battersea Barge  
May 24th Cirencester wedding  
May 25th Devon party  
June 4th Canary Wharf  
June 6th Bucks  
June 7th Teddington party  
June 7th Camden party  
June 15th Widcombe Fayre  
June 17th Stockbridge  
June 19th Donnington Pk  
June 21st Kent Party  
June 22nd Cheltenham food festival  
June 26th Battersea  
June 28th Richmond Rugby club. (Day).  
June 28th Chinthurst school  
July 4th Northants Festival  
July 5th Teddington school  
July 6th Tunbridge Wells  
July 10th Soutwark Park  
July 11th Lyndhurst school  
July 12th Deal Kent
July 13th Wedding Bath
July 20th Lovebox Victoria Pk
July 25th Portsmouth  
July 26th Portsmouth  
July 31st Horsley Towers Surrey
Aug 3rd Innocent Regents Pk
Aug 22nd Leeds  
Aug 23rd Tetbury wedding  
Aug 30th Catford  
Sept 4th Leicester  
Sept 5th Sussex camping  
Sept 6th Hove party  
Sept 6th Clapham party  
Sept 9th Novi Sad SERBIA  
Sept 10th Novi Sad SERBIA
Sept 11th Novi Sad SERBIA
Sept 12th Novi Sad SERBIA
Sept 13th Novi Sad SERBIA
Sept 15th London Corporate  
Sept 17th Nottingham  
Sept 20th Herts party  
Sept 27th Surrey wedding  
Sept 28th Derby Festival  
Oct 1st Liverpool one  
Oct 5th Greenwich reclaim the streets  
Oct 8th London Bierfest  
Oct 9th London Bierfest  
Oct 10th London Bierfest  
Oct 11th Delfina  
Oct 18th Dulwich wedding  
Oct 24th The Vic Lincoln
Oct 25th Lincoln Sausage Festival  
Oct 31st Hampton Ct wedding  
Nov 1st Brockley party.  
Nov 5th Regents College  
Nov 9th Roundhouse Camden
Nov 22nd Portsmouth Wedding
Nov 29th Cambridge wedding  
Dec 4th Wycombe  
Dec 18th Wycombe  
Dec 21st The end club