Sausage gigs in 2009

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Jan 10th Woolwich
Jan 15th Fulham
Jan 30th Walworth Rd
Jan 31st 2009 Gray’s Wedding
Feb 28th Charlbury Oxon
Mar 2nd Bosch Derbyshire
Mar 3rd Bosch Derbyshire
Mar 4th Bosch Derbyshire
Mar 5th Bosch Derbyshire
Mar 7th Camberwell
May 2nd Rivoli
May 9th Downham
May 10th Herts party
May 16th Sarah’s wedding
May 22nd- 25th  Queille  festival FR
May 31st Henley  Fun Day
June 2nd Windsor  party
June 3rd Grays  park
June 7th Tetbury party
June 12th  Iford festival nr Bath
June 13th Croydon Aerodrome
June 21st Cheltenham food festival
June 23rd Chelsea  Physic garden
June 27th Tenterdon  Party
July 3rd Glos wedding
July 4th Saul, Gloucs
July 5th Wiltshire party
July 9th Notts festival
July 18th Somerset wedding
July 19th The Sheep Festival
July 23rd Donnington Pk  Moto GP
July 25th Lewes
Aug 1st Kent wedding.
Aug 6th Buskers Berne  CH
Aug 7th Buskers Berne  CH
Aug 8th Buskers Berne  CH
Aug 11th Neuchatel Buskers festival CH
Aug 12th Neuchatel Buskers festival CH
Aug 13th Neuchatel Buskers festival CH
Aug 14th Neuchatel Buskers festival CH
Aug 15th Neuchatel Buskers festival CH
Aug 16th  Neuchatel Buskers festival CH
Aug 22nd Bath wedding
Aug 23rd Stow wedding
Aug 26th Waves Festival Denmark
Aug 27th Waves Festival Denmark
Aug 28th Waves Festival Denmark
Aug 29th Waves Festival Denmark
Aug 30th Waves Festival Denmark
Sept 5th Bristol daytime
Sept 6th Jumeirah Carlton Towers
Sept 10th vale of Glamorgan
Sept 12th Oxon party
Sept 17th Abergavenny food fest
Sept 19th Abergavenny food fest
Sept 20th Abergavenny food fest
Sept 26th Winchester Wedding
Oct 3rd Norfolk wedding
Oct 21st London Bierfest
Oct 22nd LondonBierfest
Oct 23rd London Bierfest
Oct 24th Barmitzvah Swiss Cottage
Oct 31st Lincoln Sausage Festival
Nov 7th Newham Fireworks
Nov 14th Abigails Party
Dec 4th Wedding Oxford
Dec 5th Julia’s party
Dec 5th (late) Guildford party
Dec 6th Northwick estate, Gloucs
Dec 10th Mayfair party
Dec 12th Landmark Hotel
Dec 17th Relaxation Centre Bristol
Dec 18th Iford Party