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Fabulous Cosmic Sausages CDs!

Greatest Hits

The latest CD from the Cosmic Sausages is now available. Entitled ‘GREAT HITS’, the 17 tracks have been lovingly recorded to take you on a musical journey around the world, narrated by Marc et Josephine Bleu, Sir George Sausage and Vladimir Stroynetski (among others).

So whether you are drawn to beautiful French and Irish melodies, the dusky southern promise of Poco Barbosa or simply want to sing along with the Stockholm Free Love Brass Blowers and other pop classics, this is the album for you!

Track List

1 Czardas
2 French Waltz/Quo Frenzy
3 The Swedish Song
4 Recado Bossa Nova
5 Creep (Radiohead)
6 Bitter Tears
7 Star Trek
8 Dan’s Tune
9 Bob The Builder

10 Jo’s Irish
11 Fool Again (Westlife)
12 Poco Barboza’s Spanish Fiesta
13 Hello (Lionel Ritchie)
14 Commercial Break
15 Purple Rain
16 Je T’aime
17 Seven Femmes Françaises


A Fist Full Of Sausages

A fistful of Sausages was the first CD produced by the Cosmic Sausages and was recorded at Escapade studio’s in Greenwich by Gary Brady in 2000. It features some original songs like The ‘Sausage Song’, ‘Down the Dartmouth’ and Dan’s tune, a Sausage take on some well known theme tunes, some beautiful melodies and some powerful love ballads, there’s a little bit of something for everyone!

 Track List

1 Walenka
2 Salty Dog
3 Down The Dartmouth
4 The Good The Bad and The Ugly
5 Dan’s Tune
6 Spicy Sausages
7 Commercial Break
8 The Godfather

9 The Sausage Sing
10 Like A Cossack
11 Boccherini
12 Like A Virgin
13 Down By The Riverside
14 007 Bond
15 Without You
16 The Goat Tune


What people are saying about the Cosmic Sausages’ CDs…

…bursting with energy and the joy of music, Viva Les Sausages! Roll on the next CD – I wish I could play like you guys. — David M, Surrey

It was put on at a party at the weekend. Blew me away! — Broady, Sunderland

Just got one of your cd’s and have been giving the drinkers in my local great fun by playing it. — Alleyn, London

We were pleased to have stumbled upon you at the Victoria & thoroughly enjoyed our night being entertained by such a great act! We’re now enjoying your CD! — Charlotte, Lincoln

Spock, put on the cd – I want to samba with Uhura !!! — Daren & Sue, hertfordshire

…you’re great, thank so much for the cd…is wonderfull!!! — Stephania, Milan

Enjoyed the gig at Cardiff Bay, Bril.Well done and hope to see you soon.By the way, CD is excellent — Steve, Wales

We have a beauty of a CD each! What absolute legends. Rock on fellas! — Sass, London

thank you sooooooo much it’s a brilliant album!! — Philippa, Bath

Saw you in the Castellarte street festival in Italy and got your CD, which the kids and I have played constanly ever since. — Claire, UK

A clown gave me your recording a few years ago and I’ve been marvelling at the sublime larkishness as well as the musical tastiness of it ever since. Thankyou very much. — Pandy K, Australia

Saw you at the Ross-On-Wye International Festival today, had a good giggle & bought the CD – great fun!! Cheers fellas!! — Rach & Ian Gloucester

The best version of Creep I’ve heard — Ju, Weymouth

Hey you sausages, your cd is great… — Soluna, germany

I saw you Guys and we can’t stop playing your album. — Charlie, maidstone

The show last night was great!…and your cd too! We really loved your performance — Marta Italy

My daughter got your CD from an Australian friend of ours when she was 9 months old and has been your greatest small fan ever since!! — Anna – N Wales

Played your CD over loudspeakers in the Canadian Parliament and it balanced our budget!!! — Brett, The Acromaniacs

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