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Sausage reviews

The Cosmic Sausages provided the Festival Club audience with an exceptionally entertaining evening. The four colourful musicians played acoustic instruments, sang, danced, dressed up and generally gave a comedic yet very polished performance.

They were extremely popular with the adult audience (apart from one disgruntled gentleman who took offence at the invitation to join in, and walked out). Audience participation was high, with good nature and a fair amount of skill shown e.g. the James Brown impersonator was obviously in his element and the lady who volunteered to join the band to play the spoons was quite accomplished. It transpired that she had travelled from Tunbridge Wells to see them – she had booked them for her 50th birthday party last year and was thrilled to have the opportunity to see them perform again.

Armed with superb comedic timing and imaginative flair the combination of slapstick, caricatures, parodies, buffoonery and burlesque amounted to truly funny comedy. They provided musical interpretation of music and songs old and new with great harmonies. Trailing through the audience playing and serenading gave the performance a continental flavour. The crowd became involved and animated through performing, singing, clapping and competitions.

After baying for more and receiving their encore the audience departed with smiling faces and many positive commendations.

May we have them back again please?

— Laura Jowers

Spied you on the TV last evening Simon, playing to HRH… nice one & after all these years you bought smiles to our faces once more. We used to see you regularly in Chamonix accompanied by our two little fair haired boys, Ted & Mick. They were your greatest fans 16 years ago! We still have the CD’s you gave them & we still sing along & laugh…! Good luck & best wishes to you all…!

Hi Guys, I just want to say thank you for playing at our wedding on 31st Oct. Many of our guests commented you were the best wedding entertainment they have ever seen and some have even been heard to say it was the best wedding they have been to, so thanks for contributing to that and making our day extra special. It certainly gave us lots to talk about whilst we were on honeymoon and we are slowly getting through photos, so any good ones will be uploaded onto your site for you. Thanks again. You rocked!!

— Fiona & Duncan

The Marquee in Speen was rocking, we have had some pretty great gigs in the past and you guys had a lot to live up to, you sure did. The audience of 220 odd had in the words of one seasoned gig goer an “awesome” time the buzz was electric. You sparkled and put in 120%. In the words of the song “Thanks for the memory”

What a wonderful night we had at Ottery St Mary Football Club on 25th May. I will never forget my 50th Birthday. Thank you Cosmic Sausages you excelled yourselves; it was even better the second time around! Graham’s rendition of James Brown will go down in history. “Get Up”..

Sat 29th march 2008 Beeston methodist church Nottingham. Just want to say thanks for a fantastically entertainig evening,enjoyed every minute,even when i got a double bass poked in my ear as you all climbed over the pews.

Jo, Simon, Luke, Dan and Greg – thanks again for a wonderful evening’s entertainment at Sian and Adam’s wedding. We are already thinking up fresh opportunities to see you again – 40th wedding anniversary, retirement, 40th birthday, it’s Thursday, etc etc. Just keep on rolling! Till the next time.

Wow, what can I say. Following what can only be described as musical mayhem and madness, Yelvertoft will never be the same again! And we know the villagers can read “aaaaaargh”. Seriously absolutely brill night and I really hope to see you again.

Hi Sausages,

I met your band in the BUSKER S FESTIVAL of FERRARA, ITALY. I took nice pictures with you, and you gave me your contacts to send you the pictures.

Thank you very much for your fantastic and very humouristic way by which you show your talented and aristic skills near IL CASTELLO di FERRARA. Really I am a new comer here to Ferrara and I was so sad and with no friends, so your show warmed me and made me for the first time here in Italy to laugh and with tears, not tears of crocodile …..real tears so thanks again for the whole band, and I hope to see you again.

— Abdlati YOUNSSI

Dear Sausages.

Around about 5 or so years ago I was stumbling back to my tent in the early morning of Glastonbury festival, I found a little Gem which captivated me with it’s brilliance. Somewhere near the crossroads of the railway track and the path to the stone circle was a brightly coloured quartet playing wonderful music which kept me captivated way past my bed time (6.30amish???). It has always been one of my most favourite glastonbury moments ever and is a treasured memory.

Imagine my delight on Sunday morning just gone (when I had survived Iggy Pop’s stage invasion, a night of lavish debauchery in Lost Vagueness and found myself prancing around in the New York Gay Disco til the sun had well and truly come up..)to walk home again towards my tent in the drizzle and Lo and Behold, here are my beloved tune meisters, causing havoc by playing “Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes” with 30 grown adults laughing their danglies off in a tight semi circle around them.

I was caught captivated there for what must have been an hour by pure musical entertainment genius providing me with another genuine Glastonbury Moment.

You have a secure little place in my heart forever.

– Sheridan ( I washed your muddy Sun Glasses Mr Accordian man) xx

Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know how fantastically talented you are! But ‘hey’ i’m sure you must already know that? We came to see you at ‘Batcombe Villiage Hall’ , you may recall our 7yr old daughter Megan sat gazing up at you from the front of the stage whilst singing and dancing for all she was worth!! January can be a depressing month but you guys sure swept away the ‘winter blues’….. and then some!! keep on doing what you’re doing, it really does make a difference!! Top marks all round! BRAVO!! — 

–  Jo, John Jack and Megan, Castle Cary Somerset