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The Aperitif Set

The band set the scene at any event by playing a selection of their most BEAUTIFUL JIGS AND REELS followed by some serenading of the guests in their own inimitable style.

This is ideal at a champagne reception or pre dinner drinks or in any situation where a less full on presentation is desired/required.

The Sausages have built up AN AMAZING REPERTOIRE OF TUNES over the years and it’s always a pleasure to give them a bit of an airing.

They often do this before circulating the tables with the a la carte menu so it also has the effect of making the guests think they are something more passive before they become something else which is nice.

Normally the Aperitif starts with 30 minutes or so of beautiful tunes which is then followed by a more interactive SERENADING SEQUENCE which involves circulating the guests.

During this with a few SIMPLE FASHION ACCESSORIES some stunning photo opportunities are created and it all provides for a great animation of a pre dinner/champagne reception or just a beginning of a party to SET THE MOOD AND BREAK THE ICE.