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The Menu

The band circulate the tables or groups with the A LA CARTE MENU, which features hundreds of songs and Melodies.

The guests have to choose, Its normally one song per table and the list includes EVERY STYLE OF MUSIC IN THE WORLD, one song from every country in the world (almost!) but if there’s nothing on there that they like and they have a special song that moves their heart the band promise to attempt it no matter what it is: that’s the sort of CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONALS they are!

There’s everything there from Bob the Builder to the Sex Pistols, there’s sing a longs, theme tunes, pop, rock and disco, tunes for the young ones, tunes for the old ones and we do try and cater for EVERY CONCEIVABLE TASTE.

Circulating with the menu works perfectly to animate any formal dinner, wedding breakfast or in front of a large number of guests where performing acoustically from a fixed point would be too quiet to be effective.

Going table to table also gives the band the chance to get to know each guest/table personally and have that close up COMIC INTERACTION with everyone there.

This is how they generally perform at weddings and parties and other situations where a formalised theatrical show is not appropriate but tailored to fit of course.