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The band prides itself in being able to play where NO OTHER BAND WOULD DARE. Being acoustic they can do their comic following of members of the public, serenade, glide around effortlessly, join in carnivals and parades, stop, start and waft about animating as they go. High streets and shopping centres are NEVER THE SAME AGAIN once the Sausages have been in town!

With a repertoire of OVER 2000 SONGS they like to think they can cater for all musical tastes and tune into people of all ilks.

The can follow people hilariously, SERENADE OLD LADIES with a bit of Vera Lynn or Chris de Burgh, play Bob The Builder to the kids, lullabyes to the babies in prams and crank it up for whoever else might be in front of them. INTERACTION is the name of the game and with the Sausages roaming around a high street there is an immeasurable amount of SMILES AND LAUGHTER flying about.

There’s an incredible array of photo opportunities during a walkabout and the public get a chance to see themselves decorated with the traditional SAUSAGE FASHION ACCESSORIES and quite often playing the Sausage instruments which makes for a great bit of memorabilia but also creates a great bit of animation. Yet again the Sausages are completely AT HOME ON THE STREET and as they always perform acoustically theres nowhere they can’t go!