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Weddings and Parties

The band performs at a WHOLE ARRAY of weddings, parties, funerals, barmitzvahs, stadiums and garden fetes.

They always TAILOR A SUIT TO FIT each occasion and always have several options in the way perform and the material they perform to make that special occasion EXTRA SPECIAL.

Weddings and parties are a speciality and by performing the way they do they make each and every event they perform at unique.

They rarely perform their full show at a wedding or a party. More typically they would start the event with the Aperitif set playing background music and SERENADING THE GUESTS as only the sausages can followed by circulating the tables or groups of guests with the A LA CARTE MENU.

They can perform statically and often do but the presentation would totally depend on the nature of the event. The most important thing is to adapt to each and every event to maximum effect so with a huge ARRAY OF MATERIAL and different PERFORMANCE OPTIONS the sausages tend to read the moment and choose the best material and style for maximum effect.

Frequently at weddings and parties a more relaxed style is preferred but they can launch into any part of their show if the moment demands and of course they always have to end it all with STUNNING LOVE PAGEANT for that special person/s. They do love an emotional climax as do we all.